Khairatabad @2022

 Khairatabad Ganesh, the tallest idol in Hyderabad, was unveiled and is ready for the 10-day festivities. The 50-feet tall idol made from clay will appear as Shri Panchamukha Mahalakshmi Ganapati while Tri Shakti Mahagayatri and Shanmukha Subramanya Swamy will appear on either sides of Ganapati. The design of Panchamukha Mahalakshmi Ganapati was chosen with the intention of bringing good fortune this year after two years of pandemic put a stop to celebrations in the city. For the first time in 60 years, the Khairatabad idol was made from clay keeping in view the Supreme Court verdict and guidance of Telangana government. The making of the idol started in June and 150 artisans were involved in making the statue at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore. 


Padmashali Sangham members, who wove a 50-ft sacred thread to the idol, tied it to his hand after performing rituals. Padmashali Sangham members also presented 60-feet ‘Khanduva’, ‘Janevu’ and ‘Garika Mala’ to the Pancha Mukha Lakshmi Ganapati. They would take silk cloths to the Maha Ganapati in a horse baggi in the form of a procession.

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