Photomama is a team of Modern day photographers, who bring about innovation in the photography services industry.

Koushik V

Koushik is the founder and CEO of Photomama, and a partner of Talek Bush Camp (Massai Mara, Kenya); Training Director and lead instructor for Photomama Workshops; editor of Voice by Photomama (an online blog…). He is also an award winning photographer who has been published internationally.

In addition to being an acclaimed nature photographer, Koushik is also a sought-after speaker in regards to photography and entrepreneurship. Well-versed in latest photography technology, trends and genres, he is equally passionate about the human experience and the natural world. His works brings a fresh perspective to the mundane, as beauty and glamour re-presented. His wildlife images deliver to the audience the magical realms of Western ghats and African savannahs.


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Sundheep V


Dr. Adwait


Chenthil M

Documentary Photographer from Bangalore | Winner – 2016 Silk Awards | Winner – 2012 Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year Award (Couple Portraiture)

Apart from weddings and portraiture, Chenthil is an accredited Cycling photographer and a published photojournalist. He lives in the outskirts of Bangalore with his wife and 5 dogs, trying to live a lifestyle true to his spirit.

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Calvin Jose

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